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Add SMS capabilities to your business and reap the benefits!
 Add SMS capabilities  to your business and reap the benefits!
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SMS For Business

The mobile phone market is growing at an amazing rate with Australia amongst the highest users with 83% market penetration in 2016 and forecast to increase to 89% in 2019.

With more Australians using mobiles and preferring to be engaged with on mobile SMS for business as bee growing rapidly as a way to effectively reach, promote and increase revenue.

Adding SMS capabilities to your business could be one of the smartest moves you'll likely ever make.

SMS for business provides some of the highest engagement rates any marketing channel which you can see on our SMS marketing page.

SMS Pal provides the highest grade, Australian originated network infrastructure to ensure reliability, while at the most competitive message credit rates in Australia. Whether you wish to communicate with your staff, or customers, SMS Pal has you covered.

Reliable Deliverability

We have our servers located at a high-security, climate and temperature controlled facility to ensure redundancy measures are in place (if for some reason the system goes down our backup system with initiate instantly) and that all information is completely secure.

Integrate with your existing software or email client

With our API you can SMS text messages out using your own software so you can keep all of your communications inside a familiar interface.

It's also easy to send SMS from any email client (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.) or any software that has email capabilities which you can find out on FAQ page.

SMS Business Solutions

SMS reminders

SMS reminders are perfect for:

  • Reducing no-shows or last minute cancellations
  • Increasing show-up rates for webinars or open rates for emails
  • Recover abandoned carts for ecommerce
  • Send one time reminders to staff or set up recurring automated reminders set to day of the week, month and time.

Bulk SMS marketing

Send one or thousands of SMS messages to customers nationally or internationally and have them delivered within minutes.

2-Way SMS

Send and also receive text messages, great for schools, call centres, debt collection agencies or any business where you need to get replies from recipients.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is now becoming standard procedure for ensuring tight security for sensitive information.

When a person needs to verify themselves they will be sent a special code to their mobile phone which they will need to enter on your site before access is granted.

Opt-Out Feature

In some countries having an opt-out feature is compulsory for all SMS messaging to customers and clients.

SMS Pal has this feature built-in and will automatically unsubscribe a person from future messages.

Global SMS

Excellent Australia wide coverage. Reach any of the major carriers including Telstra, Vodafone, Three, Optus and Virgin Mobile.

Delivery per SMS is charged at just 7.9c to standard mobiles (may be higher for CDMA, and other non-standard numbers such as premium rate services).

Lead Generation

By using a unique key phrase and short code you will be able to generate new enquiries and leads for your business, for example:

Text ‘freegympass' to 98989 and get a week's free gym use including classes!

Email to SMS

Send SMS from any email client or CRM with our email to SMS feature.


Use our online SMS portal to send text messages from any device or location (even areas with no mobile coverage) as long as you have internet access.

Address Book

An address book works similar to email where you can store contact names including SMS mobile numbers and you can create multiple groups which hold different customer segments for example you may set up a groups for sales leads, new customers, teams and more.

Delivery Reports

When you send a campaign you will receive a full delivery report on who received your campaigns.

Personalise Your Messages

With name merge you can increase the response from your campaigns by automatically adding the recipient's name.

Current Industries We Serve

Currently we serve many clients inside of multiple industries to help them improve their customer engagement, team communications and revenue generation.

Industry Typical Uses

Banking and finance

Security is a priority so using features like Two-Factor Authentication helps to dramatically reduce fraud attempts.
  • Timely customer text alerts
  • Security & Fraud Notifications
  • Send One-Time Passwords
  • Promotions

Call Centres

Managing call congestion and updating team members are some of the ways call centres are benefiting from our SMS solutions.
  • Customer requests
  • Appointment and payment reminders
  • Team Communication
  • Web SMS to reduce call congestion

Nightclubs and Pubs

This industry relies heavily on driving foot traffic and with SMS they are able to send out a campaign and know that their message was delivered to their customers mobile.
  • Bulk SMS to drive foot traffic
  • Lead generation
  • In-house live promotions
  • Event invitations

Clubs and Associations

SMS is primarily used to keep club members updated on events or newly created openings.
  • Reminders
  • Important updates
  • Event notifications and scheduling


Because SMS has an incredibly high open rate eCom marketers are able to reach customers quickly and directly than other marketing channels.


Updating parents on the status of their child (if sick) and organising pickups or keeping parents updated on closures or out of class activities means that they can quickly contact parents on their mobile phones confident knowing that they will read and act on that message.
  • Important updates (weather, school buses changes etc.)
  • Sick child notifications
  • Parent teacher reminders
  • School trip information and special events

Health Clubs

Personal trainers benefit just as much as health clubs from SMS. From sending out in-house promotions or offers to attract new members to using ‘SMS Win-Back Campaigns' to reactivate ex-members SMS is a powerful marketing tool.
  • Lead generation
  • Fitness class updates
  • Marketing promotions
  • New services and products alerts
  • Personal training reminders

SMS Marketing For Business

Marketing specialists rely on their marketing reaching their prospect, with 82.1% open rates and 30% click-through rates SMS helps them to increase marketing response and achieve marketing objectives.
  • Promotions
  • Lead generation
  • Customer reactivation

Medical Centres

Medical centres have a large number of patients under their care and phoning each one for updates and reminders is too time-consuming. SMS allows admin staff to reach everyone with a simple click.
  • Appointment reminders
  • Patient updates

Real Estate Agents & Property Management

Real estate agents use SMS to generate buyer leads as well as keeping those leads updated on new house listings. Property Managers are able to keep their clients and tenants updated on property status and house checks.
  • Team updates
  • Lead generation
  • House listing updates
  • House checks


Every restaurant has days during the week that are notoriously slow. By sending a bulk SMS message to a list of hungry customers, restaurant owners can start booking tables sometimes within minutes of sending out their SMS broadcast.
  • Lead generation
  • Promotions / Contests
  • Bulk SMS to drive foot traffic

Transport and Logistics

Team communication and delivery status updates are incredibly important in this industry and apart from making a direct phone call, SMS provides a direct and speedy channel to keep everyone in the loop at all times.
  • Status updates and alerts
  • Customer updates

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a rapidly growing market within Australia and we've recently brought on multiple new solar energy business clients.
  • Keep new customers up to date on installation dates and times
  • Let existing customers know when their upcoming debits are due
  • Promote offers to new leads and existing customers

No obligation

No obligation, 100% free trial when you signup. Business users please enquire about an extended trial if desired for no additional cost.

Payment through secure online credit card transaction for immediate credit. Bank deposit and business cheque also accepted.

Additional Benefits Of SMS Pal SMS

  • No contracts at all simply choose the amount of SMS you need when you need it.
  • SMS never expires as long as you send 1 SMS every 6 months.
  • Excellent customer support with helpful staff.
  • Access anywhere.
  • No hidden charges or setup fees.
  • No monthly fees.
  • World class technology.
  • Integrate SMS features into your favourite software with our SMS API.
  • High-Speed SMS gateway.


  1. You must have an Internet connection (broadband and dial up modem supported).
  2. You will need a Java enabled internet browser (practically all browsers are Java enabled), such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Competitive rates

When you become a client you will enjoy some of the best rates in Australia from 5.9c per standard SMS. Try us out first by setting up a free account to send out come SMS's, you'll find 5 free credits for you to use.

Getting Started Is Free

Click here and fill out the account form, once you login we'll give you 5 free SMS credits to test how our system works immediately.

When you are ready simply select the SMS package you want starting from only $7.95 for 100 SMS credits (higher volume packages are lower in price.) and within minutes you're ready to send out your first campaign or update!

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Each Standard SMS is charged at a rate of one credit. A Standard SMS is a message that is less than 160 characters. We allow up to 600 characters per SMS to be send however, you will charged 4 SMS credits and the message will be concatenated into 4 SMS. CDMA and premium rate numbers may be charged at a higher rate. If in doubt, please contact us.

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