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SMS marketing


SMS Marketing is arguably the most effective way of getting your message seen, opened and read by qualified leads and customers.


SMS Marketing

  • Send Promotions – Send out targeted offers instantly.
  • Generate Leads – Collect mobile numbers from qualified leads.
  • Schedule Campaigns – Time your SMS campaigns to go out automatically.
  • Engagement – Get up to 90% open rates on your offers.


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SMS marketing - 2Generate High Quality Leads

SMS marketing typically delivers higher quality leads than other marketing channels since it requires a the lead give you their personal mobile number. This can then be followed up with further SMS marketing campaigns or a sales call.

Boost Other Marketing Channels

SMS has an extremely high open rate which means you whenever you have an important newsletter, webinar, launch, special offer, etc. send out an SMS marketing campaign to instantly get more attention.

Increase Conversions

SMS can quickly generate new sales. Turn abandoned carts into new sales, follow up on non-buyers with special offers, send out an SMS reactivation campaign to past clients, etc.



The Benefits Of SMS Marketing

SMS allows you to cut through the noise in any marketplace helping you to reach new and existing customers, clients, patients and members instantly.

SMS marketing - 3

Fast Response Rates

 On average it takes about 48 hours for a recipient to read an email but for SMS marketing campaigns it only takes 90 seconds on average.

High Open Rates

Text messaging can give you between 82.1-98% open rates making SMS marketing  the most effective customer engagement strategy today.

Low Cost

While PPC and online marketing costs continue to skyrocket SMS has stayed the same allowing businesses to send an SMS message for only a few cents. When you combine the open and response rates SMS marketing is still one of the cheapest advertising channels available today.

No SPAM Or Ad-Blockers

SMS marketing is an offline advertising channel (similar to sending out a flyer) which means you don’t need to worry about your message being blocked due to quality scores, SPAM filters and ad blockers.

Low Competition

Email suffers from high ‘inbox competition’ the SMS inbox on the other hand has virtually no competition making your SMS marketing campaigns even more effective.

Instant Results

Text messaging helps you place your product and offers directly into hands of buyers within seconds!



Try Our SMS Marketing Platform Free

Register for your free account and we’ll give you 5 free SMS credits including full access to all of our features.



SMS marketing - 4

Our SMS Platform Supports

  • Online-Based SMS Messaging
  • 2-Way SMS
  • Export Text Messages To CSV
  • Personalised Messaging Tags
  • International coverage
  • Replies Sent To Mobile Or Email
  • Unlimited Contact Groups
  • SMS Scheduling
  • Keyword Opt-In & Opt-Out
  • Highly Secure Messaging
  • Bulk SMS
  • Email to SMS
  • Custom Sender ID
  • Full Customer And Tech Support
  • 100% Delivery Guarantee
  • Sub-User Accounts
  • Delivery Reports
  • API Integration
  • Auto-Segmentation
  • Doesn’t Use Your Mobile Plan



Why Our Clients Choose 160

SMS marketing - 5
  • Access From Anywhere – Send marketing campaigns from any location or device, all you need is an internet connection.
  • Simple, User-Friendly Platform – Our SMS platform is designed so that you can get up running within minutes.
  • Operating Since 2000 – 160 first started helping businesses back in 2000.
  • Enterprise-Level Security – We ensure the highest levels of security to keep your messages private.
  • No Monthly Fees – We are a purely prepaid SMS provider which means no monthly surcharges or hidden fees.
  • API Integration – Manage your SMS campaigns from your existing software using our SMS API.




Try Our SMS Marketing Platform Free

Register for your free account and we’ll give you 5 free SMS credits including full access to all of our features.



Questions About Our SMS Platform?

Call our SMS support team on 1800 671 823 or see our full FAQ page.

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Standard text messages can have up to 160 characters and are sent to regular mobile phones. With SMS Pal, messages can have up to 450 characters by combining 4 standard texts into one longer message. Each standard text costs 1 credit. Sending to CDMA phones, premium numbers, or other non-standard mobiles may cost more. Contact us if you have any questions in relation to this.

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