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This service can be used to send SMS locally or internationally. To determine the cost of sending an SMS to any country simply click on the arrow on the right hand side of the drop down menu below (light blue rectangular box). Select the destination that you would like to call and click on the search button, a list of rates will appear.

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Country Network Cost
Russia Amurskaja Sotovaja Svjaz 1.00 credit
  Baykal WestCom (Far East Cellular) 1.00 credit
  Beeline (KB Impuls VimpelCom) 1.00 credit
  BM-Telecom 1.00 credit
  Chelyabinskaya 1.00 credit
  CJSC (RT-MobileUtelErmak RMS) 1.00 credit
  DAL Telecom 1.00 credit
  DTC (Dontelekom) 1.00 credit
  ETK (Yenisey Telecom) 1.00 credit
  Gorizont-RT 1.00 credit
  Kamchatcvayzinform 1.00 credit
  Kedr RMS 1.00 credit
  Kuban 1.00 credit
  Martelecom 1.00 credit
  MegaFon (North-West JSC Sonic Duo) 1.00 credit
  Mobicom-Kavkaz 1.00 credit
  Mobikom-Caucasus 1.00 credit
  Mobikom-Habarovsk 1.00 credit
  Mobikom-Kirov 1.00 credit
  Mobile Communications Systems 1.00 credit
  MTS (Mobile TeleSystems Sistema) 1.00 credit
  NCC (Nizhegorodskaya Rostelecom) 1.00 credit
  NTC (New Telephone Company) 1.00 credit
  Orenburg 1.00 credit
  Orensot 1.00 credit
  PJSC Smarts (ZAOKodotel) 1.00 credit
  Prim Telefon 1.00 credit
  ReCom 1.00 credit
  Rostelecom (Uralsvyazinform) 1.00 credit
  RTCOM 1.00 credit
  Shupashkar 1.00 credit
  Sibchallenge 1.00 credit
  Siberia Cellular Systems 1.00 credit
  Sibintertelecom (AKOS) 1.00 credit
  SMARTS IVANOVO 1.00 credit
  Sonic Duo 1.00 credit
  StavTelesot(NorthCaucasianGSM) 1.00 credit
  TAIF-Telecom 1.00 credit
  Tambov Electrosvyaz 1.00 credit
  Tele2 1.00 credit
  TELECOM-XX1 1.00 credit
  Telecommunications Company 1.00 credit
  Telesot Alania 1.00 credit
  Tomskaya Cellular System 1.00 credit
  Udmurtia Digital Networks 1.00 credit
  Ulan-Ude Cellular Network 1.00 credit
  Ulianovsk 1.00 credit
  Unknown Network 1.00 credit
  Uraltel 1.00 credit
  Vimpelcom 1.00 credit
  Volgograd (INDIGO Altaysvyaz) 1.00 credit
  Yaroslavl 1.00 credit


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Each Standard SMS is charged at a rate of one credit. A Standard SMS is a message that is less than 160 characters. We allow up to 600 characters per SMS to be send however, you will charged 4 SMS credits and the message will be concatenated into 4 SMS. CDMA and premium rate numbers may be charged at a higher rate. If in doubt, please contact us.

SMS Pal adheres to the Anti Spam Act. Any user found using the service to send unsolicited SMS Text Messages will have their account immediately suspended without refund. Please refer to the terms of service for complete details.

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